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E-learning is the new way of learning and discovery. Employees can interactively learn at their own pace. Go straight to work and experience the benefits and effectiveness of e-learning!


Get started with interactive content and experience that learning can be fun. No more boring books but a complete multimedia solution!


Experience the power of customization! Depending on your needs, we look at how we can offer the employees the best possible teaching and learning material.

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Therefore e-learning!

E-learning is a proven, effective way to teach lessons and curriculum. This teaching and learning material is always current and all year online.
No books, but all content safely in the cloud. E-learning guarantees your organization significant time and cost savings.

Fire-learning is the platform for your learning needs. Discover the benefits of e-learning in conjunction with an adaptive learning system. Further, no complicated systems or software that is to be installed. The e-learning runs in any browser on any device and is a complete cloud-based solution.

Some of our modules:

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How it works?


E-learning starts with an intake. Because it’s all about your needs and learning issues. Learning should be at the service of the student and support them in the learning process. During the intake, we give advice and look at what your people need to be demonstrably competent.

interactieIf we know what we want to learn we look at the interaction. Learning should be fun and self-limiting. Through the right mix of text, images, videos and animations we see how we can make learning as attractive as possible. E-learning makes learning at multiple levels effectively.

meetingBecause of our e-learning system follows the student, guidance and extensive interaction with the instructor is possible. Theory and practice come together: questions can already be made for classroom lessons allow the teacher / instructor can teach more effectively and better prepared the student arrives at the practical lessons.

Eventually it proceeds and which is primarily going to the student faster, more effective, more fun and especially when it comes to learning. The system is equipped with adaptive and learning objectives. Thus, the instructor can see that more attention should be given in class. The number of contact can thus be reduced, which saves time and money for both the student and the organization!

Fire learning News

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