Extrication e-learning

New: Extrication e-learning

Fire-learning is proud to present its brand new Extrication e-learning program, suitable for rescuers of all knowledge levels. This interactive course is based on the Holmatro Vehicle Extrication Techniques training book and app, written by Rescue Consultant Ian Dunbar.

Personal MemoTraining

The e-learning program guides you through the subject matter step by step, allowing you to increase your extrication knowledge at your own pace. The smart personal MemoTraining system helps you repeat themes requiring more attention and keeps offering review exercises at regular intervals.

Easy access

Extrication e-learning runs on all platforms and devices such as Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Internet access is the only requirement. The personal MemoTraining is also available as an app, allowing you to practice wherever and whenever you want.

For individuals and groups

The e-learning program is not only an effective training tool for individual students but it can also identify the training needs of a complete organization. This is achieved by analyzing and comparing the results of all candidates in the special section for instructors.

Order now

You can buy the Extrication e-learning program in our webshop for € 27,- right away. The program is currently available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese. More languages will follow.

Continuous Professional Development

The skills required to extricate victims of road traffic accidents are now more complex than ever. Compared to condensed training, spaced practice has proven to be much more effective in promoting long-term retention. In addition, Extrication e-learning will save organizations a lot of time. As students can complete the program independently, it fully replaces theoretical classroom sessions. Instructors only may need to answer some questions sent by students through the e-learning platform.

Student monitoring

The student monitoring system records the scores on activity, knowledge level and efficiency (i.e. how much repetition a person needs to achieve the required knowledge level). By analyzing the results of all candidates the instructor can identify specific training needs. Success is guaranteed for everyone of all levels: the course continues until  a predefined result has been achieved.

Blended learning

The e-learning program is very suitable to combine with hands-on training. This means when all students have finished a particular chapter, you may want to organize a training night based on the theory they have just absorbed. Combining e-learning with practical training is called ‘blended learning’ and has proven to be very effective.

User benefits at a glance

  • Low cost: only € 27,-
  • Easy online ordering
  • Accessible on all platforms and devices
  • Suitable for rescuers of all levels
  • Step by step learning at your own pace
  • MemoTraining for automatic review of subjects requiring more attention
  • Success guaranteed: everyone passes
  • Review exercises to combat skills fade

Additional benefits for the organization

  • Time-saving: replaces theoretical class room training
  • Promotes continuous professional development
  • Proven competence of your staff
  • Student monitoring system helps you identify training needs
  • Ideal to combine with hands-on training
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