The fire-learning LCMS

is a learning platform that gives students the ability to follow online courses, classes and trainings. The e-learning modules will be registered in our LCMS with the students their advancement and results. The fire-learning LCMS consists out of a :

  • User setting
  • Companion setting
  • Administrator setting

The strength of our fire-learning platform comes from the adaptive technology that we use to follow the students achievements which we then use to adapt the speed and level of the course to the students their ability. This makes every course personal. Because our system is linked to learning goals you can manually set for your students, you can easily see the progress they are making. But this completely depends on what sort of e-learning the student is following because of course , it is not necessary to use all options and possibilities our learning platform offers.


The learning platform doesn’t only make interactive learning possible but because of the high quality and interactive content we offer , e-learning is fun to work with and not just a digital form of the boring manual we had to work with in the past.


The strength of e-learning comes from the full support of high quality imagery, video, drawings and animations which help to make the learning progress easier. Everyone learns in their own way and pace. We offer different ways of e-learning so you can always make the right choice about what fits with your organisation best.



The demo setting is there to give your students or future clients an idea of the new developments, courses, classes or trainings that are being made.

Test & Assess

The test & assess variation is to measure what students already know about existing learning material. You can create a full assessment and in that way get a view on the motivation of your staff or future staff. Is a course really necessary if men knows enough about certain learning material.


Make sure to have a good preparation for an exam or test by putting the learning material available to repeat with our memo trainer.


E-learning is the easiest way for studying. Set your learning material ready to learn and repeat with our memo train technology. Learning has never been this easy!

Blended learning

Blended learning is the ultimate combination of online learning and guidance. Go through e-learning courses with guidance of a teacher. Direct feedback combined with repeating of the learning material which you find harder, makes this to one of our success stories.

Social learning

Social learning combines online learning with a platform where you can discuss about the learning material together. The most powerful way of helping each other online, where there is the chance to exchange ideas and solutions and learn ever quicker.

Game based Learning

Learning is even more fun if you can compare your results to your fellow students. Who can get the highest score and stands out in a training? No guts no glory! This is also for departments mutually. Which department can have the training finished the quickest? This way of learning can lead to excellent performance and surprises!

From training to game based learning, always supplemented with our memo-trainer !

What makes the memo-trainer unique?

Memo-trainer integrates the theory of Ebbinghaus ‘retention by repeating’ in a unique way in an online learning solution. The system trains knowledge in a personalised way whereby students remember more and succeed in the course quicker. Ebbinghaus claimed that repetition is the remedy against forgetting. He formulated a scheme which would make sure knowledge would be saved in the long-term memory. The memo-trainer is based on this particular scheme.

Certain aspects need more attention than other for them to be saved in the long-term memory. Memo-trainer is designed to challenge participants by selective repeating and uses smart assignments to active knowledge. The knowledge a participant doesn’t remember as well will be shown more whereby a personal repeating scheme will be created.

Statistics of the memo-trainer show improved results. Participants will remember everything they have learned during their course way better and longer. In many cases is shown that the use of memo-trainer improves the business case.

But, to keep it simple the memo-trainer is still just an app on your mobile phone that asks question about the learned material every now and then. Because of the system behind it we know if someone knows what the content is about or not. And if repeating is necessary till the information does stay in your memory !